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Matt Hardy Involved In Traffic Collision: “Thank Goodness I’m Invincible”

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy took to social media recently, revealing he has been involved in a car accident. Thankfully, Hardy looks to have walked away uninjured.

Matt took to both Instagram and Twitter with a photo of his car. The image shows his Cadillac, showing particular damage to the rear, in what appears to be a fender bender in traffic. Along with the photo, Matt offered some friendly advice to drivers:

“Today’s free advice. Don’t rubberneck at wrecks or you’ll create another one.

Thank goodness I’m invincible.”

Following the Twitter post, hundreds of fans took to the comments section to wish Matt Hardy and his family well. With speculation running rampant regarding the nature of the accident, Matt tweeted a follow up message sharing details of the bump. Although it was revealed a truck struck Hardy’s car, he reassured fans that he was doing ok:

“Just so the ‘net understands.

Was driving home from Jacksonville on Friday & there was a wreck 25 mins away from my house. It created standstill traffic, which I had stopped in. A truck drove into my stopped car at about 40 mph, because he was rubbernecking the wreck. I am fine.”

Matt Hardy also made pro wrestling headlines this week, appearing on IMPACT for the first time since 2017. Shortly after, Hardy was announced as appearing alongside Private Party at Impact’s No Surrender who will face The Good Brothers for the Impact World Tag Team Championships.