Matt Hardy Provides Insight On Jeff Hardy’s Final Night In WWE

Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy has explained the reason behind Jeff Hardy’s “erratic” behaviour during a live event that directly led to his WWE release!

The former WWE star joined Chris Van Vliet on the latest edition of Insight With Chris Van Vilet. During the course of the conversation, Hardy gave an update on brother Jeff whose latest WWE tenure came to an abrupt end last December.

Displaying behaviour described internally as “erratic”, Jeff walked out through the crowd during a tag team match during a live event and was later sent home from the tour in the following days. His release came just a short while after.

Whilst many speculated on the cause of Jeff’s strange antics that night, Matt has attempted to set the record straight once and for all, stating that the incident was caused by exhaustion after a series of stressful events:

“Yeah he’s good. It was basically, when he wants to share this story he will. But he was exhausted after driving all night, he was on late at SmackDown and they had a 300 mile drive, had a family emergency, he was just exhausted.”

The now-AEW star also gave his opinion on his brother’s mindset toward the end of his time with World Wrestling Entertainment:

“I think he was just stressed out from everything in WWE, sometimes he gets in his own head, I think it is better with me there too, he can really get in his own head. He had stuff going on with his wife, there was a death in the family and he hadn’t slept at all that night. Then he went into work exhausted and whatever happened happened.”

Earlier this week, Matt confirmed that Jeff Hardy had declined an invitation to return to the company as well as a WWE Hall of Fame spot.

Matt and Jeff would become one of the most recognised teams in professional wrestling history spanning from their WWF debut in 1998. Following various exits from the company, the Hardy Boyz would return to WWE at WrestleMania 33 in 2017. Matt Hardy would leave the company in 2020, debuting for AEW shortly after.

Following this latest WWE exit, many have speculated if Jeff will reunite with his brother in AEW. Matt Hardy himself would address this on a recent episode of his podcast, ‘The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy’:

“Jeff’s no compete clause runs until March 9th, so as of March 10th, he will be free to do whatever, and then he can negotiate with somebody or work for another big company that has television, whatever may be.

Do I think Jeff Hardy could end up coming to AEW and teaming with Matt Hardy again? As they say in the wrestling business, never say never. Anything’s possible.”

The pair are currently advertised to compete against The Briscoe Brothers on March 12th for Big Time Wrestling. The bout will mark the first appearance of Matt and Jeff together in the same ring in over three years, in what Matt describes as their ‘Final Run’.