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Matt Hardy Reveals He “Hated” Match With Bray Wyatt

Hardy and Wyatt team up

Matt Hardy has discussed his frustrations with his WWE feud with Bray Wyatt back in 2018 and says both he and Wyatt “hated” their first match.

Back in 2018, Matt Hardy debuted his ‘Woken’ Matt hardy character – the WWE version of his ‘Broken’ gimmick. He soon entered a feud with Bray Wyatt, something fans had been hoping to see ever since Hardy returned to the company the previous April at WrestleMania 33.

With Wyatt portraying a dark cult leader and Hardy claiming to be the vessel of an immortal soul, they were expected to have a feud unlike any seen before.

However, when the two finally had their first match at Raw 25 in January 2018, it was a letdown for all concerned as it only lasted a few minutes and ended in conventional fashion with Wyatt pinning Hardy.

On the latest edition of his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the current AEW star explained that both he and Wyatt hated the match for much the same reasons as the fans.

“We both hated it. Just because it was like our first match, and this should have been something of substance, and we should have had time, and then it was a short match. We were very limited what we did. I mean, they put us in a scenario like to fail kind of right from the jump because we had this, you know, short match, and once again, we tried to make the most out of it.”

The rivalry between the two continued for some time afterwards with several more matches between the pair. However, it is perhaps best remembered for the two trying to one-up each other with their diabolical laughter. Matt Hardy believes this was a mistake and that there should have been more serious moments.

“I feel like one of the things Vince missed is like these characters didn’t have to always be funny and laugh like we could have hit very serious notes. I would have loved to see Bray come to the Hardy compound and, you know, break a window out and try and get in the house and scare King Maxel [Matt’s son], or whatever, you know, do damage there (..) But Vince just didn’t really see that like we needed times where we change the temperament and we also change like the mood of what we’re doing.”

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt faced off for the last time in an Ultimate Deletion match which saw the pair do battle all over the Hardy Compound before Hardy got the victory with a Twist of Fate and then threw the Eater of Worlds into a lake.

Later in the year, the two formed an alliance as The Deleters of Worlds and captured the Raw Tag Team Championships for a 79 day reign.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.