Matt Hardy Answers If He Has Ever Scissored Daddy Ass

The Acclaimed Scissor Daddy Ass AEW

AEW star Matt Hardy has answered the question on everyone’s lips – has he ever had the privilege of scissoring Daddy Ass, Billy Gunn?

It may be 2022 but Billy Gunn is as popular as ever in AEW due to his association with The Acclaimed. The trio had previously been aligned with Gunn’s sons Colten and Austin but a split in that group caused the elder Gunn to have to choose sides.

He initially sided with his sons but after they had their heads turned by Stokely Hathaway and turned on the man once known as Mr. Ass, The Acclaimed provided some unlikely assistance. Now The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn receive some of the loudest ovations at AEW shows with Max Caster’s raps always going down a storm and the fans waiting gleefully for Anthony Bowens to scream “scissor me Daddy Ass!” before completing their trademark hand gesture with the man once famous for inviting WWE crowds to “suck it.”

Now in a week marred with controversy in the wrestling business amongst fights, bites, suspensions, and stripped titles, Matt Hardy on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast has addressed the one thing in AEW is dying to know, has he ever scissored Daddy Ass:

“I have never scissored Daddy Ass. I have known Daddy Ass a long time. I think that he has just started getting into scissoring. So you know, never had the opportunity. Just never scissored him. [Matt is asked if he would if the opportunity arose?] Never say never in this business, anything can happen.”

Daddy Ass’ scissoring might well be off the charts at AEW Grand Slam in Queens, New York when The Acclaimed will get another shot at the AEW Tag Team Championship against Swerve In Our Glory.

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