Matt Hardy Claims AEW Could Have A World Series Between Dynamite And Collision

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy believes that there are plenty of possibilites for AEW Dynamite and AEW Collision.

Hardy has been with AEW since 2020 and has seen the company grow in several facets as the promotion further finds its footing as a mainstream entity. On the latest episode of “The Extreme Life,” Hardy was asked by co-host Jon Alba about what his thoughts were on the premiere episode of “Collision.”

“I didn’t get to see the entire thing. I watched quite a bit of it though, but I thought it was solid. I liked how it looked different. It had a different feel from Dynamite. And I think that is going to be part of Collision’s success is that it looks very different from Dynamite. I think those shows need to have two different identities. I think Dynamite has an identity and then Collision has a different identity and I think there’s something special there and then eventually you can have a you know you can have the World Series between those two.”

Matt Hardy Knows How To Create Crossover Interest

If there’s any modern talent who is in tune with what can create intrigue for fans, Matt Hardy is a top name with experience. With his notorious “broken” persona, Hardy was an early trailblazer in the execution behind the cinematic matches. Back in his days with IMPACT Wrestling, presentation was important for having those storylines stand out in comparison to the rest of the product and it’ll be interesting to see if AEW continues to build that distinction between Dynamite and Collison. Hardy just teamed with his brother Jeff on the latest Dynamite to face the Gunn Club.