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Matt Hardy On Which Top AEW Star Reminds Him Of Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy has discussed the comparison between his brother Jeff and former TNT Champion Darby Allin and says the parallels aren’t just confined to the ring.

Jeff Hardy has built a career on taking risks and high-flying action that has led him to be a multiple-time world champion as well as being one of the most beloved stars to ever enter a wrestling ring.

In AEW, one of the company’s homegrown stars has often been compared to Hardy through his daredevil exploits and his apparent lack of fear. Darby Allin is one of AEW’s most popular stars and attained success when he became TNT Champion and recognition when he was the first man to take on CM Punk when Punk returned to the wrestling ring following a seven-year absence.

Speaking on his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the CEO of the AHFO discussed the comparisons between Darby Allin and Jeff Hardy:

“When it comes to Darby Allin, he doesn’t just remind me of Jeff in the ring, as far as being fearless and a guy who takes all these insane bumps, and he seems to continue to get up and keep going. He’s almost Teflon. You can’t break this guy, you can’t put an end to this guy, he doesn’t get hurt.”

“On top of that factor, he also reminds me of Jeff outside the ring because he just really marches to the beat of his own drum. I think if you like Darby, he’s cool with that, if you don’t like Darby, he’s cool with that. He really just doesn’t give a sh*t. He’s a very carefree guy and he pretty much lives in his own world and he’s not bothered by outside influences, and that reminds me so much of my brother.”

Hardy has recently been the subject of much speculation in regards to his future. The former WWE Champion was released by WWE in early December after an incident at a house show caused him to be sent home. Reports suggested WWE released him from his contract after he refused to go to rehab nut Matt Hardy recently confirmed his brother’s recent drug tests had all come back negative.

h/t Wrestling Inc.