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Matt Cardona To Face EC3 At ‘Free The Narrative’ Show

Matt Cardona EC3

EC3 and Matt Cardona are on a collision course to meet at an independent event titled ‘Free The Narrative’ that will take place over Memorial Day weekend in the US.

The two former WWE stars were both part of the company’s cut in talent in the spring of 2020. Since then Cardona has made appearances for both AEW and IMPACT Wrestling. At IMPACT’s Rebellion event on the 25th of April, the former Zack Ryder is set to face Brian Myers.

EC3 made a brief return to IMPACT Wrestling following his release from WWE. The former Ethan Carter has since signed a contract with Ring of Honor. EC3 was defeated by Jay Briscoe at ROH’s 19th Anniversary event in March 2021.

‘Free The Narrative’ will take place on May 27th at 8 pm ET. Airing exclusively on Vimeo the event will be available to purchase for $14.99.

Promotional materials released for the event has given some indication of the animosity between EC3 and Cardona:

“A lot has changed in one year. While they have taken very different paths, EC3 and MATT CARDONA now find themselves on a collision course. Since their public dismissal during a world-wide pandemic, EC3 has asked, even demanded, that Cardona answer a seemingly simple question: “Are you happy?” EC3 believes the answer goes far deeper than MATT admits, and has tormented CARDONA on social media, his podcast and his YouTube show in a quest for the “truth.””

The press release then continues with information on what kind of event fans can expect. It also notes that some other familiar faces might be making appearances:

“There will be no three-letter companies or corporate wrestling brands—only answers.”

“In addition to this “featured fight,” EC3 has personally invited people you know and people you will know, all of whom are ready to embrace the #ControlYourNarrative movement.”

“Set to an original score, “Free The Narrative is an entirely independent production that will feature an innovative blend of professional wrestling, cinema, and harsh reality.”

No other matches or competitors have yet been announced for ‘Free The Narrative.’ More information can be found at www.freethenarrative.com.