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Matt Cardona Reveals Which Gimmick Was “The Worst Thing Ever In My Career”

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Matt Cardona has named the wrestling star that he never wants to appear on camera with again as he names the worst spell of his career.

Cardona has been on a tear in the wrestling world since being released from WWE in 2020. The former Zack Ryder has garnered a lot of attention after capturing the GCW Championship from Death Match king Nick Gage as well as competing in IMPACT Wrestling.

But Cardona’s career has not always hit the heady heights, such as when he was thrown off a stage in a wheelchair by Kane or his ill-fated run in The Hype Bros tag team. Now speaking to The Wrestling Inc. Daily Matt Cardona reveals that The Hype Bros was an even lower moment than being decimated by The Big Red Machine:

“It’s a career-low. That’s definitely below (being pushed on the stage by Kane), the worst thing ever in my career.”

“I wouldn’t bring The Hype Bros anywhere. Dean Muhtadi as a human being, love him. Mojo, hate him. Tough sh*t, not happening. He can come backstage and hang out in my private dressing room, but we will not be in front of the people on camera together ever again.”

Matt Cardona then reflected on his time at the centre of wrestling’s attention a decade ago with his YouTube hit show Long Island Iced Z and how now, he’s confounding expectations once again:

“Ten years ago, I was ahead of the curve and now 10 years later, I’ve reinvented myself again, it’s unprecedented. This is a shoot right from the hip baby, there is nobody in this business that has been counted out by either management, the fans, whoever, more times and have come back, than me.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.