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Matt Cardona On GCW Title Win – “I Don’t Regret Any Of It”

Matt Cardona GCW

Matt Cardona has spoken about the fan’s reaction following his victory at Game Changer Wrestling’s Homecoming event this past weekend. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion defeated Nick Gage to become the new GCW World Champion.

Following the victory, the hostile crowd expressed their displeasure by throwing objects at Cardona. The reaction went viral on Twitter and was commented on by Dave Meltzer, who described the actions as “An embarrassment to the industry.”

The new GCW Champion recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to describe the crowd, who were aggressive towards Cardona before the match started:

“I’ll be honest, there was some fear. Walking through that curtain, you can watch the replay, I couldn’t get through the curtain and there were fans in my face. Luckily, GCW had some security for me because I think someone would have taken me out, or tried to. I finally get (to the ring) and you can feel the genuine hate (from the crowd). Not just, ‘this is the bad guy we’re supposed to boo,’ but hate. During the match, the atmosphere was exciting. People just wanted me to die in there. I was getting tweets about people wanting me to die and for Nick to kill Chelsea. Human beings are really typing this, what is wrong with people?”

Matt Cardona then went on to describe what happened after the pinfall victory. Cardona expressed genuine concern for his safety during the onslaught of projectiles:

“Then, when I win, you saw the video. They are just throwing stuff. Bottles, full bottles. Someone threw a f*cking pizza cutter. Jesus, come on. I tried to enjoy it, but I was genuinely concerned. This wasn’t like NWO with a couple of bottles and you stand there and smile. I didn’t know what was going to be thrown. I was in there for as long as I could and tried to get the money shot with the title. The GCW security was like, ‘we gotta go, run out the front.’ They brought me out and fans were still chasing us out. It was wild.”

Despite the reaction, Matt has revealed that he is happy to be part of such a memorable angle. The GCW Champion has also stated that the corwd’s behaviour was unlike anything he has seen before:

“It’s 2021, we all know the deal. To get that kind of reaction, there have been similar reactions before, but I personally have never seen anything like that. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Do I wish fans would have shown me more respect? Cool. Do I wish someone didn’t throw a pizza cutter? Cool, but man, I don’t regret any of it because it will live forever.”

The main event of GCW Homecoming was a violent affair, with both competitors bleeding profusely throughout the match. Cardona’s fiancée Chelsea Green has shared photos on her social media to show the amount of bloodshed by her partner during the contest.

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions.