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Matt Cardona Loses Internet Title After Decade-Long Reign

Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona has finally lost the prestigious Internet Championship after reigning for over a decade at the top of wrestling’s Internet Title division.

Cardona in his former life in WWE as Zack Ryder anointed himself as Internet Champion after launching the hugely successful Z True Long Island Story YouTube series. The series saw Ryder’s popularity with fans go through the roof and he shared the ring with the likes of John Cena and Triple H on his way to a reign as WWE United States Champion. That reign lasted a mere 29 days which dwarfs in comparison to Cardona’s reign as Internet Champion.

At 3,802 days Matt Cardona’s reign as Intenet Champion dwarves many of the longest reigns in professional wrestling history. Bruno Sammartino’s first reign as WWWF Champion throughout much of the seventies only clocked in at 2,803 days – around two years shy of Cardona’s achievement. In Japan, the longest-reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion in history is Kazuchika Okada with a reign that lasted 720 days, a drop in the ocean compared to Cardona’s feat.

In what has been a terrible September for Matt Cardona, he has gone from a double champion to holding no titles at all. At GCW The Art Of War Games, Jon Moxley put Cardona away in a little over one minute to capture the GCW Championship.

Now, at GCW Getlostalot, Cardona put his Internet Championship on the line against indy wrestling sensation Effy. Effy made shorter work of Cardona than Moxley did, ending the decade-long reign in just five seconds with a schoolboy pin.