Matt Cardona On Taking Influence From Cody Rhodes Post-WWE

Matt Cardona Cody Rhodes

Matt Cardona says he followed the blueprint that Cody Rhodes laid out following his release from WWE.

Former AEW EVP Cody Rhodes and Matt Cardona have been friends for years, with Cody even serving as a groomsman at Cardona’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. During an appearance on Cultaholic’s Straight to Hell, Cardona opened up about Cody and how, though he didn’t follow in his every footstep, he was influenced by his friend following his release from WWE in April of 2020.

“I love Cody, I am very proud of Cody for what he did years ago when he walked away from WWE. He changed the business, he really did. A lot of the things that I am doing now, I kind of use his blueprint. I did it my own way, obviously.

“I didn’t follow every step that he took, but he knows what he is doing. He’s a businessman, and he loves pro wrestling, as much as anybody, if not more. He has it in his blood, and he’s going to do great things wherever he ends up.”

Long before he was instrumental in forming AEW, Cody Rhodes left the WWE in May of 2016 after becoming increasingly frustrated with WWE creative and his role in the company, where he was still performing as Stardust despite asking to end the gimmick for months.

Part of the blueprint Cody set forth following his decision to walk away from WWE was to work for multiple promotions and re-build a name for himself, and Matt Cardona has certainly followed suit in this regard. The former Zack Ryder has worked with AEW, IMPACT, GCW, and many other companies since leaving the WWE, and has even won both the IMPACT and GCW Championships.

Cody Rhodes shocked the world in February when it was announced that he and his wife Brandi were leaving AEW after being instrumental in building the company. Rumors immediately began to swirl that he was on his way back to WWE, and a recent report confirmed that he has indeed re-signed with the company. He is rumored to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, but has yet to appear on WWE programming in any capacity.

h/t WrestlingInc