Matt Cardona – “I Need To Go Back To WWE”

Matt Cardona -

Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder, has expressed his desire to go back to WWE.

After having a successful run in the company, winning titles such as the WWE Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship, Cardona was released in 2020. Since his departure, he has been making a name for himself on the independent wrestling scene.

Cardona has won titles in various promotions, including the NWA, GCW, and IMPACT. Despite his success, he has often hinted at a potential return to WWE. In a recent video, Cardona drove by WWE Headquarters and jokingly stated that he was coming home.

After competing at GCW Crushed Up on September 10th, Cardona took to X to express his frustration with the rain. He mentioned that he needs to go back to New York, specifically referring to WWE as his home.

Just finished the show, GCW in Brooklyn, I’m walking to my car that I’m hoping has not been towed in the rain. I wish you could see this. It is. It’s raining. Unbelievable. I need to go back to New York. I need to go back to WWE.

Will Matt Cardona Return To WWE?

Matt Cardona’s desire to return to WWE has sparked speculation among fans and wrestling pundits. While he has found success on the independent circuit, it seems that he still has unfinished business in WWE. Whether or not the company will extend an offer to Cardona remains to be seen, but his passion and dedication to the industry are evident.

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