Matt Cardona Compares Former WWE Star To Modern Sensational Sherri

Matt Cardona

At GCW Eye For An Eye on March 17th, Matt Cardona took on Homicide in singles action.

To the shock of the crowd, former WWE NXT star Steph De Lander (known as Persia Pirotta during her time in NXT) made a surprise appearance during the match, hitting Homicide with a low blow and helping Cardona pick up a victory.

Speaking about his newfound alliance during a recent interview with The Wrestling Classic, Cardona said that now that his wife Chelsea Green has re-signed with WWE, he needed to find another partner in wrestling crime. He compared De Lander to Sensational Sherri, who teamed with Macho Man Randy Savage after his on-screen split with Miss Elizabeth.

“Now that my Elizabeth has gone on to WWE, I’ve found my Sensational Sherri in Steph De Lander. When Chelsea left, I knew I needed somebody. First of all, you can never replace Chelsea, especially since she’s my goddamn wife, but I knew I needed something, I knew I needed someone, and I knew I needed a girl. I’m not going to say I was looking everywhere, but I was keeping my eye open for somebody. I was just in Australia for World Series Wrestling.”

Matt Cardona Asked His Wife For Permission To Team With Steph De Lander

Continuing, Cardona said that he was impressed with De Lander’s physical presence and asked his wife for permission to work with the Australian star as Green is currently signed to WWE.

“I saw Steph De Lander and said, ‘Holy sh*t.’ This girl is 6 ft tall, she can kick my f*cking ass, she’s got piercings all over her face, so I’m like, ‘Hey, Chelsea, do you mind if I ask this girl if she wants to be my heater?’ Once she said yes, when Chelsea gave me the green light, I brought it up to Steph, and then we did Australia, she came and helped me and Brian Myers. We did GCW, we just did the ECW Arena, and we’ve got more bookings coming up, so we’re going to run with that for a while.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cardona discussed his brief stint in AEW and explained why it ended up being a good thing he didn’t sign a long-term deal with the company.

h/t Fightful