Matt Cardona “Attacked” By A Child At A Live Event [Video]

Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona has threatened legal action after being “attacked” by a child at a recent live event.

Since being released by WWE in April 2020, Matt Cardona has been on a one mission to become the most talked about star in all of professional wrestling.

That mission has seen the former Intercontinental Champion appear in IMPACT Wrestling, the NWA and AEW as well as in numerous promotions across the independent scene. Meanwhile, keeping busy has paid dividends as Cardona has become known as “The Belt Collector.”

At present the star holds seven different championships including the IMPACT Digital Media Title and the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title.

The most recent stop on Cardona’s tour of every wrestling company in North America saw him land in Cleveland, Ohio on April 22nd. At the AIW event titled Eyes of the Beast, Cardona defended his AIW Absolute Title against Josh Prohibition in an Intense Rules match.

Although Cardona won the match, his night took an embarrassing turn when he “attacked” by a fan who jumped the rail to get involved in the action. Oh, and the fan in question was a child. Said to be the nine-year-old daughter of his opponent Josh Prohibition.

After the interloper made their way into the ring, Cardona appeared to be looking to hit a Powerbomb, but instead he was felled by a Hurricanrana.

While sharing the clip on social media, Cardona said that he was “pressing charges” as he had been assaulted.

It’s been a strange week in the life of Matt Cardona has he also laid down a challenge to billionaire and would-be Twitter owner, Elon Musk. After seeing the news that the Space X founder was looking to buy the social media platform, Cardona tweeted that if he was successful he would give Musk a shot at his Internet Championship.