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Maryse Unveils New Production Company

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Maryse Mizanin, wife of WWE Superstar The Miz, has lifted the lid on the production company that the couple have founded.

In October, The Miz spoke to Virtual Equality Lounge at Advertising Week 2020 and noted that alongside his wife, he was developing a game show with WWE Studios named Brawl in the Family. During the interview, Miz noted:

“I’ll never forget my wife and I talking like, ‘We need to get more stuff out there. This is the time to do something.’ We sat down one day and created a game show. We called [WWE Studios Executive] Susan Levison and said, ‘What do you think of this?’ She said, ‘Not only is this good, let me put you in contact with people who can fine-tune it.’

Now, Maryse has appeared on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions Podcast to talk about the production company her and ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ own – they will produce Brawl in the Family alongside WWE – as well as reveal that the pair have two shows being optioned by major channels:

“We have a production company, MadRoe Productions, and we’re pitching two shows right now. It’s looking really really good. There is one that is pretty ridiculous. If you thought Miz & Mrs. was ridiculous, wait for this one. It’s looking great.”

Maryse hasn’t been active in a WWE ring since 2018 when she teamed with The Miz to battle Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Credit for the interview: Oral Sessions Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Fightful