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David Otunga Will Appear In Marvel’s She Hulk

She Hulk David Otunga

According to a new trailer for Marvel’s new Disney+ series, David Otunga will appear in She Hulk with Tatiana Maslany!

Anticipation has been building for Marvel’s new Disney+ series She Hulk, which stars Tatiana Maslany as the titular She Hulk, an attorney named Jennifer Walters.

On May 17th, Disney+ released a trailer to provide fans with a first look at the series. The trailer introduces fans to Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who is related to Bruce Banner. In Marvel Comics, she is Bruce Banner’s cousin who receives a milder version of the Hulk’s powers after receiving a blood transfusion, though it’s unclear at this point how closely the series will follow the canon of the comics.

The trailer goes on to detail Walters coming to terms with her powers and trying to navigate her life, despite not wanting to be labeled a superhero.

However, wrestling fans noted another interesting thing during the end of the trailer, in which Walters is describing the trials of dating while in her 30’s. As she’s swiping on dating apps, a number of dating prospects are intercut into the scene – and one of these men was none other than former Nexus member David Otunga, who is seen flexing his arms on a date with the titular character.

After signing a developmental deal with WWE in 2008, Otunga first came to prominence on WWE television as part of the first season of the game show era of NXT in 2010. With R-Truth serving as his pro, Otunga came in second place in the competition, losing out to Wade Barrett, who’d been mentored by Chris Jericho.

The week after season one of NXT concluded, David Otunga took part in an ambush when the NXT rookies interfered in a main event match between John Cena and CM Punk. The segment is most famous for being responsible for Daniel Bryan strangling announcer Justin Roberts with his own necktie, which caused Bryan’s firing from WWE. The NXT rookies formed the group the Nexus, and went on to be a prominent part of WWE throughout 2010.

Alongside his partner Michael McGillucutty – who went on to be better known as Curtis Axel – David Otunga became a WWE Tag Team Champion in May of 2011, after the original Nexus had disbanded and a New Nexus led by CM Punk came to prominence.

A Harvard-educated attorney in real life, Otunga spent much of his post-Nexus career as an on-screen legal advisor in WWE, which makes him even more relevant to his role in She Hulk. He quietly exited the company in 2018, spending his last few years in the company as a commentator and pre-show panel contributor.