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Marty Scurll Removed From Ring Of Honor Roster Page

Marty Scurll

Marty Scurll has been absent from Ring Of Honor since he was accused in the #SpeakingOut movement several months ago. This past weekend Ring Of Honor removed him from its website roster page, suggesting his time with the company could be coming to an end.

Scurll was previously in a position of power behind the scenes at ROH, serving as the promotion’s head of creative after turning down AEW and re-signing with the group in January this year on a big money deal.

However, following the accusations that he had taken advantage of an inebriated 16-year-old girl in the UK several years ago and after Scurll himself released two statements about the incident in which he did not deny the allegations, ROH launched an investigation into the matter.

Five months later, although nothing official has been released from ROH, Scurll has been removed from the company’s website and has not been involved in any of the promotion’s creative meetings or recent tapings.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio noted that although Marty Scurll has not officially been fired, there are currently no plans to use him in any capacity – behind the scenes or in the ring.

In Scurll’s absence, Hunter ‘Delirious’ Johnson has resumed the position of head booker and will be leading Ring of Honor’s creative direction from here on in.