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Mark Jindrak Recalls Rib With Randy Orton Getting Out Of Hand

Mark Jindrak

Mark Jindrak has recalled a fake brawl with Randy Orton nearly getting very out of hand in front of a number of police officers completely unaware of the joke.

Over the decades, professional wrestlers have devised a number of daft and often silly ways to amuse themselves while on the road or killing time backstage. However, some of these pranks can be not so light-hearted, while others can get out of hand pretty quickly.

Appearing on D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast, former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak has recalled one such prank with Randy Orton nearly going very sideways.

Jindrak and Orton were close friends back in the early 2000’s as both men began their WWE careers. At one point, Jindrak was planned to have a spot in the legendary stable Evolution alongside Orton, but ended up being replaced by Batista.

Reflecting on one particular night out, Jindrak detailed visiting Kowloon Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts with Orton and another former star Maven. With 150 fans outside looking for autographs, the three men decided to have some fun at the fans’ expense. They planned to stage a fake fight as they left the venue. They even told a police officer what was happening so he could break it up.

However, with the ‘fight’ in full swing, a number of other officers notice the altercation and got involved, not knowing the fight was staged.

“The problem was Orton took it too serious,” said Jindrak. “He got too serious with it. I fed off his energy, so he kind of stiffed me so I stiffed him back, and I was like, ‘Oh, we’re gonna f**king [fight]?’ We decided to get wild, but it was in a working way. The only problem was there was like 10 cops out there, but only one cop knew what was up.”

To make matters worse, Orton refused to back down as more officers appeared, as he didn’t realise they thought the fight was real.

“Orton figures, ‘Well, the cop knows, so I’m gonna struggle a little bit, maybe push him off,'” Jindrak recalled. “So as Orton’s chucking the cop off him, the other cops think Orton’s assaulting the other cop, so they run over and they grab Orton. Orton doesn’t know the other cops aren’t in on it, so he starts struggling [with the other cops].”

Mark Jindrak remained with WWE until July 2005 when he was released from his contract. He has since appeared for New Japan Pro Wrestling, AAA and CMLL.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.