Mark Henry Claims Wardlow Will Be As Domiant In Wrestling As Brock Lesnar


AEW announcer Mark Henry believes Wardlow is on a path to be as dominant in wrestling as Brock Lesnar!

Having been both a World Champion and the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry knows something about how to dominate in the world of professional wrestling. During his long career with the WWE, he’s seen a number of talents come and go, and very few have dominated the way that Brock Lesnar has. Lesnar recently competed at SummerSlam, where he used a tractor to tip the ring on its side during his brutal Last Man Standing match with Roman Reigns over the Universal Championship.

Working with AEW as part of their announce team, Henry has had the chance to see Wardlow’s rise to prominence, first appearing as the bodyguard to Maxwell Jacob Friedman and later besting MJF before becoming officially All Elite himself. With MJF finally vanquished, the star’s path of destruction continued, first taking on a number of security guards all at once before setting his sights on Scorpio Sky and the TNT Championship.

On the July 6th episode of Dynamite, he defeated Scorpio Sky in a brutal street fight to become the new TNT Champion.

Speaking to Bill Apter in an interview with Sportskeeda, the World’s Strongest Man praised the rising talent, and voiced his belief that he could become as dominant in the world of wrestling as such talents as Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and Goldberg.

“I think Wardlow is an unbelievable competitor. And he’s going to be even better. The Wardlow we see right now, in a best of three, I think a Mark Henry might beat that guy. But in the next two years, Wardlow is going to be the most dominant force in pro wrestling since Brock Lesnar, since Goldberg, since The Rock, since Steve Austin. And then that guy, the best of three is going to be 3-0.”

Henry isn’t the first to make comparisons between the AEW standout and Goldberg, and Goldberg himself has even addressed these comparisons in the past.

h/t WrestlingInc