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Mark Henry Reveals Legendary Unscripted Segment Made John Cena Cry

John Cena Mark Henry Headbutt

WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry has discussed his incredible fake retirement speech on Raw and reveals John Cena’s tears were real.

Mark Henry famously took part in one of the most highly regarded segments in Raw history in 2013. Following a loss, at May’s Extreme Rules event Henry used social media to tease his retirement from wrestling. Appearing on Raw in June wearing a famous salmon suit jacket, Henry launched into an emotional retirement speech.

He was joined by WWE Champion John Cena who Henry talked up while seeming wistful about the only title he had never held in his career. At the culmination of the segment, Cena hugged Henry who deftly dispatched Cena with a World’s Strongest Slam. That was when he first uttered his oft-repeated “I’ve got a lot left in the tank” line.

Speaking on the Busted Open podcast, Mark Henry says months and months of thought went into what eventually became his fake retirement speech, and that John Cena was genuinely emotional listening to The World’s Strongest Man:

“That retirement speech, it was over nine months of thought. Nine months of thought is why I came across so clear and so, ‘Wow, that was a thrill.'”

“John didn’t know nothing. The only thing that John knew was that at some point I was going to pull him in, that’s all he knew. When John was on the apron crying, that was real.”

“When John came in feeling sorry for me, that I had never held the WWE title, and he tried to give it to me and I said ‘no’. ‘You take that, you earned that.’ That was unscripted, there was no rehearsal. That was real sh*t. He was crying because he hated to see me go.”

h/t Sportskeeda