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Mark Henry Hails Riddle As “World Championship Material”

Mark Henry & Riddle

Mark Henry has tipped Riddle to become World Champion as his popularity on Monday Night Raw continues to rise.

After joining forces with Randy Orton, WWE’s resident odd couple were taken to the hearts of fans everywhere as they climbed to the top of the Raw tag team division.

Even after the pair’s title reigns came to an end, the popularity remained, as both men are clearly having the time of their lives working together.

In recent weeks, the Original Bro has been flying solo as Orton takes a break from WWE, but his momentum has continued. It has even been reported that the star could be in line for huge match with Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns during the summer. Although plans may now have changed.

One man who agrees that Riddle should be heading to the very top of the company is WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry. The star who is no stranger to World Championship gold himself, explained that the former United States Champion’s connection with the crowd should take him to the very top.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Henry was adamant that Riddle is World Championship material.

“Championship material. That’s what he is. World Heavyweight Championship material because people feel for him, people love him…it’s hardest thing in the wrestling business to get, it’s sympathy and affection. Now you can have Riddle not do the scooter. You can always have Riddle dial stuff back and say, you know what, it says it in the Bible. Once I was a child and did childish things and then I grew up and act as a man and put away childish things. We always say wrestling is the Bible, it’s good vs. evil. It’s simply psychology.”

The star hit another promo home run on the most recent episode of Raw where he threw in a bizarre reference to Dexter’s Laboratory, much to the delight of the crowd.

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