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Mark Henry Reveals Where He Believes AEW Must Improve

Mark Henry

Mark Henry has given his thoughts on where his new home of All Elite Wrestling must improve going forward as he says the company has to continue to build relationships.

Henry stunned the wrestling world when he made his debut in All Elite Wrestling at Double Or Nothing in May. It was announced that The World’s Strongest Man will be an analyst on the upcoming AEW Rampage show which begins in August.

Speaking on the Battleground Podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer spelt out what he sees as areas the company must improve on:

“We have to do more of this [referring to the podcast]. Marketing and creating relationships with the media. Not just the big media but the grassroots media, podcasts, companies that are interesting in pro wrestling, not only to the market but just to fans. And community involvement. We will be reaching out to people who are terminally ill, as I will today on Twitter after I get through talking to you guys.”

“We’re going to go to the Boys and Girls Clubs in the communities that we go to. The Special Olympics, Wounded Warriors, and different things that deal with our military. There’s something coming up in Jacksonville where the police officers that train the K9’s, we’re going to go and pick up those guys. So it’s like, we’re going to touch everything we can in the communities we go to, to let people know we’re not just trying to take. We’re trying to give as well.”

Mark Henry was then asked how he felt about AEW collaborating with other wrestling companies. AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, NWA, AAA, and New Japan Pro Wrestling all seem to have an affiliation with one another with talent from each company spilling onto the other’s shows.

Henry said:

“I thought ‘what a novel concept.’ Give the fans what they want and not have it be one-sided. And I think that coming up, it’s going to be really interesting to see a relationship between Jay White and Kenny Omega, what’s going to happen. Jay pretty much ran Kenny out of the Bullet Club, out of Japan. And now here they are back in America, where people can see them, on a week to week basis in Impact. It’s going to be good, it’s going to be good for pro wrestling.”

While believing co-operation is good for pro wrestling, Mark Henry stops short of advocating for a super-show that showcases each company on one event. Henry believes that doesn’t need to happen as AEW are doing fine as they are:

“I think AEW is doing it on its own. We don’t really need anybody else to do that. It’s cool to have the Forbidden Door and to be able to work with Impact and (NWA) Power. It’s more organized than something that’s a collective. I don’t necessarily think that it’s needed because we’re already doing it.”

One area AEW may be improving on in the near future is their roster, with two huge names from the world of wrestlingrumoured to be in talks with the company.

Credit: Battleground Podcast

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription