Mark Henry Recalls How He Chose His Famous Salmon Jacket

Mark Henry & John Cena

Mark Henry has plenty of big moments in his wrestling career to talk about. Some of them are career pinnacles like the Hall of Pain gimmick, his false retirement speech, becoming a WWE Hall of Famer, and so on. Others, like his Sexual Chocolate gimmick, his involvement with Mae Young, and being compared to the Kool-Aid Man, not so much.

But there’s one other thing about Henry that still comes up in conversation from time to time: his salmon-colored suit jacket. It was an unusual choice of color for attire, yet Mark Henry somehow managed to make it work. And as it turns out, there’s a story behind that jacket as well.

Mark Henry chose salmon because of his appetite

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Mark Henry explained that the reason he chose to wear a salmon-colored jacket was because he was hungry while suit-shopping and was specifically in the mood for salmon.

“Because I was feeling salmon that day. Like, I saw that jacket and I was like, that is my retirement jacket. There was blues and greens and different colours, but that one like, that’s the one, it chose me when I saw it. I was like chef’s kiss.

[Where is the jacket now?] That jacket now is being shipped to me. I put it on loan with WWE so they can do the exhibits at WrestleMania, and their different things but now it’s coming back to me. I’m going to set up my own exhibit.”

Henry was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018 and after leaving that company he signed with AEW, where he has mainly served as a commentator and as a backstage hand.

Still not seemingly retired, Henry looks to be considering a comeback.