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Mark Henry On Phone Call From Vince McMahon – “I Hung Up On Him”

Vince McMahon

Mark Henry has recalled the time he left Vince McMahon feeling like Debbie Harry after he left the WWE Chairman hanging on the telephone.

Henry first debuted in what was then the World Wrestling Federation in 1996 beginning a twenty-year-plus relationship with the company and McMahon. An Olympic weightlifter, Henry competed at the Barcelona 1992 Games as well as the 1996 Games in Atlanta. For the 1996 Olympics, Henry was named captain of Team USA’s weightlifting team but an injury suffered during the competition effectively ended Henry’s Olympics career.

From there a WWE Hall Of Fame career in professional wrestling awaited The World’s Strongest Man. Speaking to his AEW colleagues Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Henry revealed the first time he ever spoke to Vince McMahon and revealed he thought he was the victim of a prank.

Mark Henry explained:

“I started getting calls from people that were fans, one of which was a guy named Milo Snyborn, who was a lifting guy, but he also wrestled a bit. He got me in contact with Vince, and Vince called me one day. I thought it was one of the guys I watch wrestling with joking, so I hung up on him. He was like, ‘That’s not the first that happened.'”

Henry also detailed his early days as a pro wrestler saying that nobody wanted to teach him how to compete in the squared circle. Henry, therefore, became the first in-house developmental wrestler in the company’s history and would also be joined in that role by a certain Dwayne Johnson.

Henry continued:

“I came into the business, he invited me to Connecticut, and I never left. As far as making it, the first three years, I was horrible. Because during that time, people thought I was trying to take their job. So nobody wanted to teach me. So they created the developmental system, and I was the first developmental wrestler.”

Mark Henry will be the analyst on the new AEW Rampage show due to debut on August 13th. The 20th of August Rampage show that will be held in the United Center in Chicago sold out in minutes of the general ticket sale beginning.

Credit: AEW Unrestricted

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription