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Mark Henry On NXT Releases – “Nobody’s Safe”

Mark Henry

WWE legend and new AEW broadcaster Mark Henry has commented on the recent spate of NXT releases.

In the most recent talent shake-up, the likes of Bronson Reed, Mercedez Martinez, Bobby Fish and more were let go from the black and gold brand.

‘The World’s Strongest Man’ spoken candidly on the subject during a recent edition of Busted Open Radio and suggested that job security should be at the forefront of a wrestler’s mind:

I just saw, somebody said, ‘NXT has just been released by the WWE.’ And I giggled a little bit. It wasn’t a laugh, it was a [giggles]. That shouldn’t be a thing, man. I shouldn’t giggle at that, but the point about it is that there have been so many releases that people are starting to look at, ‘Damn man, the writing’s on the wall. I could be out of here at any time. Maybe I need to focus on job security. Maybe I need to go ahead and take a preemptive strike and not re-sign, and go somewhere else.

Mark Henry, who recently had some amusing comments about his infamous ‘Hand’ angle with Mae Young, went on to note how many promotions outside of WWE currently had their doors open for new talent:

Japan, Impact, AEW, ROH, MLW. Like, there’s places to go work. Do you want to be a part of something that’s already well-established, or do you want to go somewhere and help make a company better?

It depends on the talent, but it looks like from an NXT standpoint, nobody’s safe. That’s what it looks like to me after last night.

NXT is reportedly set for “major changes” per a report from Mike Johnson of PW Insider.

Whether this will lead to more cuts remains to be seen but ‘The Sword of Damocles’ certainly appears to be hanging over many in WWE’s developmental brand at present.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcript.