Mark Henry On Ahmed Johnson: “He’s A Bad Human Being”

Mark Henry

Mark Henry has hit back at Ahmed Johnson’s recent comments against D’Lo Brown, claiming the former Intercontinental Champion’s “credibility is shot”!

During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Johnson commented on the 1999 incident involving D’Lo Brown and Droz. During a match on Smackdown between the two, Droz was drastically injured when a Powerbomb delivered by D’Lo went wrong. Sustaining a severe neck injury, the move would leave Droz permanently paralysed from the waist down.

Though Droz has stated he has no animosity toward D’Lo Brown for the accident, Ahmed Johnson claimed in a recent interview that the aftermath of this match is the reasoning for his dislike toward Brown:

“D’Lo, when he paralysed Droz, that was it for me and him because there was word that he didn’t take care, or didn’t call him, didn’t go see him. You paralysed him, but you didn’t; I don’t know what I would have done if that would have been me. If I would have paralysed somebody. I’d be at your service 24 hours if I could.”

During a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry defended his former Nation of Domination partner, disputing Johnson’s claims as false:

“I just wanted to defend D’Lo Brown. He said, in that article, he said that D’Lo Brown was dangerous. And that D’Lo Brown ended Darren Drozdov’s career, and never spoke to him again. I speak to Darren, all the time. D’Lo speak to Darren, all the time. Guys, just so you know, I’m telling you the truth!”

During the same interview in which Ahmed Johnson criticised Brown for his alleged actions, Johnson also spoke of his dislike for “people who like to kiss butt”, in relation to marking Henry. ‘The Worlds Strongest Man’ would hit back at Ahmed, criticising him for his supposed bad reputation in the world of professional wrestling:

“This [Ahmed Johnson] is a bad human being. Your credibility is shot. Nobody, nobody in wrestling will say anything good about this guy. And since when did being professional, being on time, working hard and being able to coexist with your co-workers become being a kiss ass? When? […] I’ve never heard anybody say anything good about him. Not one. Not one time. So, before you start trying to tear down D’Lo Brown, a future Hall of Famer, before you tear down a guy that actually was a world champion, why don’t you look in the mirror? Your credibility is shot. Your slip is showing.”

Tensions between Ahmed Johnson and Mark Henry have long since been public. The pair have often spoken out against each other, with Henry going as far as to call Johnson a “piece of sh*t” during a 2020 episode of Busted Open Radio.

Following this recent Busted Open segment, D’Lo Brown would take to Twitter to praise Mark Henry for his continued support:

“You know, since 1997 alot of things have changed. I’m alot older. We have a Playstation 5 now. Hell, the iPhone was 10 years away from being made. But one thing that’s remained a constant is that @TheMarkHenry has always had my back. Love you big dawg.

#WeAreTheNation #YBR”

Mark Henry is no stranger to calling out others for their actions. Recently, Henry hit back at Ryback against claims the former WWE Superstar made against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’.