Mark Henry Jokes About “Pervert” WWE Writers

Mark Henry

Current AEW star and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has discussed his experience of some of the more bizarre storylines of his career in WWE.

Mark Henry is no joke as an athlete with a weightlifting career that saw him legitimately named The World’s Strongest Man. With a trip to the Olympics to his name, Henry conquered the wrestling world when he became World Heavyweight Champion in WWE and proved why he had a lot left in the tank for any opponent.

However, as well as that, Mark Henry is best remembered by some wrestling fans simply as Sexual Chocolate. Or the man who got Mae Young pregnant leading to her giving birth to a hand live on Raw.

Speaking to Shakiel Mahjouri for SHAK Wrestling, Mark Henry commented on the more bizarre storylines of his career from back in the Attitude Era:

“The writers are the ones responsible for that. Because they’re little perverts (he laughs), I mean, just to put it mildly. Like, people say stuff and they really don’t believe all of that. You know, they’re trying to be entertaining, and back then in The Attitude Era, they wanted to push the envelope. There was a lot of shock jock stuff going on.”