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Mark Henry Appears To Rule Out In Ring Return

Mark Henry

Mark Henry has given a major hint that his days inside the ring could be over, despite previously stating that he was interested in having one more match.

Speaking in a new interview, former World Champion Mark Henry has laughed off suggestions that he might be returning to the ring. While WWE veteran Paul Wight has dipped his toes back into the ring since signing with AEW in early 2021, it appears that fellow WWE alumni Henry won’t be following suit.

In conversation with i95’s Large Dave, Henry said that he’d rather call the police if someone hit him in the face, instead of stepping into the ring with them.

“HA HA HA HA HA HA! I mean, Man, you made me laugh, I’m not getting back in there! If somebody hits me, I’m callin’ the police!”

Henry’s comments come after he had said earlier in the year that he would be getting back in the ring in AEW, and he would have his last match with the company.

Mark Henry signed with AEW in May, making his debut at Double or Nothing. It was later confirmed that he had signed a “multi-year” deal with the company, which would see him work as a broadcaster and in talent development.

Expanding further, Henry said that while he’s new to the announcing aspect of his AEW role, he’s most proud of his work with the community team.

“Man, I am a Jack of all Trades, I’ve been blessed to be able to master a few of them, I’m new to the announcing, and the backstage announcing, but I’m doing pretty good, and I’m enjoying doing it, but I’m most proud of being a part of our community team. To touch all of the members and fans of the communities that we go into, before we do our shows, that’s something special, we leave the place better than we found it.”

Speaking in a recent interview, former WWE Superstar Fred Rosser praised Henry for the way he supported him when he came out as gay in 2013.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.