Mark Andrews Pinpoints Three Unsigned Stars As “Future” Of NXT UK

Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews has named the three stars he believes will be the future of NXT UK – if they become full time roster members.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Mark Andrews first named Dani Luna before adding three unsigned names to his list of stars who are doing everything they can to make sure they’re the next big thing in WWE.

There’s so many, the more I think about it. So, first of all, the obvious one, Dani Luna. I might be a bit biased but Dani Luna is right there. Honestly, when she gets a real opportunity to show everybody what she’s made of… Yeah, she’s going to blow up. Honestly, I keep saying to her, ‘When you get that WrestleMania payday, just remember who you started with.'”

The former NXT UK Tag Team Champion added three more names to the list who are “smashing it” right now.

“I’m going to name three guys who aren’t even full time roster members in NXT UK, and that’s Danny Jones, Andy Wild and Josh Morrell. Those three, I mean they are absolutely smashing it.

Andrews said he’s “biased” when it comes to Jones, but spoke of his time in Japan.

“I’m a bit biased with Danny Jones because I’ve known him for years and he’s one of my friends but he’s an outstanding talent. You know, he spent time out in Japan and he really brings that style over to the UK. One of few guys who, in my opinion, comes over and kind of does it properly.

Meanwhile, another name impressing Andrews was Andy Wild, who ITR spoke with recently.

Then you’ve got Andy Wild, who is a real hidden gem in the scene, he’s a real veteran of the scene. I first met him 15 years ago at a Hammerlock camp up in Kent – we were both kids – and he’s honestly one of the best big men in the country.”

The final name on the list of Mark Andrews was Josh Morrell, who the Welshman said should be atop many independent promotions in the UK.

“And then you’ve got Josh Morrell, who I have no idea why he is not on the top of the card at your Progresses, at your ICWs, at your Rev Pros – at all of the independents in the UK. This guy is SO athletically gifted and I am desperate to get in the ring with him, on a one-on-one or a tag setting. He’s got so much potential.

If those three can keep smashing it, I think that, well, I guess that they’ll be the future of NXT UK because right now, they’re not even full time roster members and I think that all three of them – they’ve got waves that they’re about to make.”

You can read the full interview here.

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