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Maria Kanellis Reveals Which Star She Wants In Ring Of Honor

Maria Kanellis

There is only one name at the top of the list of stars that Maria Kanellis wants to see join her and the rest of the burgeoning women’s division in Ring Of Honor.

At Best In The World, Maria Kanellis announced the full brackets for the tournament to crown the very first ROH Women’s World Champion. In doing so she welcomed former NXT star Chelsea Green into the company. Green is currently out of action with a broken arm but announced her intention to make it to the top of ROH’s women’s division.

In a recent conversation with The Wrestling Inc. Daily Maria Kanellis and her husband, Ring Of Honor star Mike Bennett, were asked who they would like to see join them in the company.

Bennett named a few people but Maria could not look past one recently released ex-WWE Superstar:

“Heidi, Heidi, Heidi!”

The Heidi in question is of course Ruby Riott. She was known as Heidi Lovelace on the independent scene before joining WWE. She recently announced she doesn’t want to go back to being Heidi Lovelace but instead will be going by the name Ruby Soho. Ruby Soho is the name of a song by punk rockers Rancid and the band’s guitarist and singer Lars Frederiksen recently gave her permission to use the name.

Bennett continued, naming some other stars he’d like to see in Ring Of Honor:

“There are so many people. Maria wants Ruby Riott. I would love Anthony Greene [formerly known as August Grey in the WWE] to come over to Ring of Honor. I think the absolute world of him. But, you know, even guys like Buddy Murphy I think would kill it at Ring of Honor. I would love to see Rowan, who got released when we got released. I would love to see him come over. I would love to see Aiden English come over. I would love to see The Iiconics come over.”

“There’s just so much talent that got released, that my mind can’t even comprehend. I would literally take all of them and be like, ‘Yes, you could make our show better, please come make our show better.’ But if I had to pick one person, I would pick Anthony Greene. Because I think the absolute world of him.”

Maria Kanellis concluded, unable to add to what would surely be a huge scoop for the company:

“You know what? I just want [Ruby Riott]. Whether her name is Ruby Soho, or Heidi Lovelace, or Ruby Riott, I just think she’s incredible.”

Credit: The Wrestling Inc. Daily