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Maria Kanellis Recalls Terrifying WWE Tryout – “I Thought I Was Paralysed”

Maria Kanellis

Former WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis has recalled the scary moment during a WWE tryout where she thought she’d been paralysed in the ring.

Kanellis came to prominence in WWE after being a part of the first-ever WWE Divas Search in 2004 that was ultimately won by Christy Hemme.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Maria Kanellis recalled an early tryout with WWE and how it left her worse for wear and very nearly permanently injured:

“I was purple after I was done! From my shoulder down my back, down my legs, was purple because of hitting the ropes and taking the bumps, and also doing the squats.”

“Lance [Storm] was training that week. I was there, Mickie was there, Angelina Love was there, I think Melina – and it was a tryout. And Michelle McCool, oh my God. She shined above all of us Diva girls because she’s so athletic!”

“So yeah, I was purple. I landed on my chin. I went to do a sunset flip, went and I caught my chest on Mickie and I landed right on my chin.”

“So, my butt was hanging in the air and I was balanced on my chin and my chest. I thought I was paralysed, it was awful! As a fan, you don’t know until you know. It’s intense.”

Maria Kanellis worked as a backstage announcer for WWE before beginning a career in the ring until leaving the company for the first time in 2010. After a seven-year absence, Kanellis returned to the company with her husband Mike Bennett but their time in WWE was far from illustrious. On April 15th, 2020 both Mike and Maria were released from their WWE contracts and both have since returned to Ring Of Honor.