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Maria Kanellis On WWE Run – “2 Weeks In, We Were Dead In The Water”

Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis has detailed her and her husband Mike Bennett’s debut in WWE in 2017 and how she feels their run in the company was doomed from the start.

In conversation on The DropKick podcast, Kanellis discussed having to wait several months after inking their deals to debut. The former IMPACT Knockouts Champion also mentions what she and Mike thought was the plan for the pair.

Kanellis explained:

“I mean we got hired four months before we debuted. We sat for four months knowing that we were fighting an uphill battle. Somebody really wanted us then for whatever reason things got put on the kibosh.”

“When we came in we thought Mike was gonna have this really good run of me just managing him and you know having these wrestling matches that he’s worked a thousand times before. Kevin Owens was fighting for us to come into WWE. He still apologizes but the plan was to build Mike as a singles wrestler.”

Kanellis and Bennett had two children during their run in WWE. Maria feels that announcing her pregnancy played a part in the companies use of the couple. During their time in WWE Mike Bennett also openly discussed his issues surrounding addiction that he has battled and overcome.

Kanellis stated:

“Somewhere along the way – I have a feeling it has a lot to do with him coming out with his addiction and then me announcing that I was pregnant. I think they just kind of took a step back from us and everything they wanted to do with us. I say this to Mike all the time, the second week we were there, we’re already dead in the water.”

Maria Kanellis discussed a lot in a wide-ranging discussion, including her thoughts on Paul Heyman and how he helped her early in her career.

Credit: The DropKick podcast