Maria Kanellis On Paul Heyman: “A Mentor, An Educator And He’s My Friend”

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett

During a recent appearance on the ROHStrong podcast, The First Lady Of ROH, Maria Kanellis Bennett discussed returning to ROH, her time in Japan as well as being full of praise for Paul Heyman.

During a word association section of the show, Maria shared her thoughts on Paul Heyman, explaining that not only is he a teacher, but that his legacy maybe doesn’t get held up as much as it should.

“Teacher. He was my mentor for a very long time. He’s the person that made me believe that I could write because he believed in me at the time. In recent years, I feel like his legacy hasn’t been upheld as much as it should be because of whatever WWE is doing. Who knows.”

Kanellis Bennett went on to explain how through his role in creative, Heyman had come up with an amazing story for her and her husband Mike Bennett before it got watered down. She also revealed that she remains in contact with the former Executive Director of Raw, able to ask for his advice whenever required.

“And so I would say [he’s a] mentor, an educator and he’s my friend… I text him randomly and ask him, hey ‘What about this person? What do you think? How can I make this better?’ He is one person that I know if I text him, I will hear back from him within a day.”

Maria Kanellis Bennett recently returned to ROH, relaunching ‘The Experience’ in the process, spearheading the fan interaction platform. She joined her husband who had already made his way back to the promotion following the couple’s departure from WWE.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Kanellis gave her thoughts on Vince McMahon, calling on the WWE President to
learn and listen to improve the wrestling industry and continue to move it forwards.

h/t to Wrestle Zone for the transcription.