Maria Kanellis Discusses Only Regret Of TV Appearance Alongside Donald Trump

Maria Kanellis

While being featured on former President Donald Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” show, All Elite Wrestling’s Maria Kanellis would be fired, and to this day, she still has no regrets about the situation.

Currently in AEW after runs in each World Wrestling Entertainment, Ring Of Honor and IMPACT Wrestling, Kanellis would be fired by then-host Trump in Season 3 of the program, citing her talking about another contestant about using her side’s bathroom.

Maria Kanellis Has No Regrets, Except For One

Recently, Maria Kanellis would make an appearance on NBC’s “Ten Count” podcast for an interview, and would talk about her experience with Donald Trump.

“He called it locker room talk. I was like, hm, interesting. That’s an interesting phrase to use.”

Maria Kanellis would go on to say that was “pressured” into eventually apologizing, doing so at the season finale.

“I think the only thing I regret about the experience is apologizing for the way that I talked, because I don’t regret it at all. I don’t regret bringing something up that was supposed to be funny and it wasn’t taken that way. But why, as a woman, am I not allowed to talk that way? The only thing I regret is apologizing for it after the fact. They wanted me to apologize on the finale and I was pressured to apologize and so I did, but ever since then I’m like, why? Why did I apologize? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Overall, Kanellis said she was about her experience that helped raise over $1 million for charity.

“I won every single challenge that I was the head of. Every time I was a part of some project we were doing, it was successful. So, there was no reason for him to fire me other than I wasn’t the most famous person on the show.”

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