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Maria Kanellis-Bennett Discusses Why WWE Has Now Decided To Opened The ‘Forbidden Door’

Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Speaking with Inside The Ropes, Maria Kanellis-Bennett has revealed why she believes WWE has finally decided to open the ‘forbidden door’ stating that it is simply because it is for the right person… Mickie ‘F’in’ James.

Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart sat down with, Ring of Honour Board of Directors member and former WWE Superstar, Maria Kanellis-Bennett to celebrate the launch of Ring of Honor’s incredible “This Is Women’s Wrestling” documentary – which dropped on YouTube earlier this week.

Kanellis would discuss her time in the WWE, Mickie James‘ involvement in the 2022 Royal Rumble, the future of ROH and more during the interview.

When asked her thoughts on why WWE has now decided to branch out and work with IMPACT, Kanellis-Bennett would reveal that she believes it is simply because of who they are working with rather than anything bigger or more seismic like many fans have begun to imaging.

“I think it’s the talent is now, would be more of the approach and I don’t know if that’s the truth or not, but WWE is definitely a social media. They like to pop the social media crowd. They like to pop the fans in the building, and Mickie is the right person to do it.

She has all the accolades. She is the champ right now over on IMPACT. She’s been a former WWE champion. She’s been a former IMPACT champion.

She’s traveled around the world, had some of the best matches I’ve ever seen. She has that nostalgia aspect that WWE likes, but she’s also very fresh and new. She looks great. She’s a mom. I mean, there’s so many things that Mickie does well. She was in charge of the Empower team and the Empower show. Like, So you’re not getting Mickie James random person

No, you’re getting Mickie F’in James like. So I think that she is the right talent. It’s not necessarily anything else other than that. She’s just the right person for the job.”

Continuing, Kanellis would state that it is in fact beneficial to WWE to acknowledge James’ reigns as IMPACT Knockouts Champion because it adds credibility to whoever wins the Royal Rumble – they didn’t just beat the SmackDown Women’s Champion to do it, they also outlasted the IMPACT Knockouts Champion and that’s a big deal.

” So in order to be AEW or IMPACT or WWE, you can’t just ignore the fact that Mickie James is IMPACT champion. If you’re going to bring her back, she better be holding up that title high because it adds credibility to whoever wins the Royal Rumble, which I hope is Mickie, because I think that would be a nice full circle moment. But who knows?”

Maria Kanellis-Bennett was instrumental in the overwhelming success that was Ring of Honor’s Women’s Division relaunch following the COVID-19 Pandemic, Maria would play a crucial role in the development of incredible talents such as Rok-C, Miranda Alize, Trisha Adora and many more.

Ring of Honor have document the entire production of the Women’s Division Tournament via their new documentary THIS IS WOMEN’S WRESTLING!: A Ring of Honor Documentary – available to watch now completely free on YouTube.

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