Maria Kanellis-Bennett – Deonna Purrazzo Is “The Best Wrestler In The World”

Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Speaking with Inside The Ropes, Maria Kanellis-Bennett has called current ROH Women’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo “the best wrestler in the world” whilst discussing The Virtuosa’s shock win over Rok-C earlier in the year.

Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart sat down with, Ring of Honour Board of Directors member and former WWE Superstar, Maria Kanellis-Bennett to celebrate the launch of Ring of Honor’s incredible “This Is Women’s Wrestling” documentary – which dropped on YouTube earlier this week.

Kanellis would discuss her time in the WWE, Mickie James’ involvement in the 2022 Royal Rumble, the future of ROH and more during the interview.

When asked her thoughts on Deonna Purrazzo’s victory over Rok-C for the ROH Women’s Championship during the January 13th edition of IMPACT Wrestling, Kanellis would praise ‘The Virtuosa’ for her incredible in-ring ability calling the 27-year-old “the best wrestler in the world” regardless of gender.

” So it’s in good hands. Deonna Purrazzo is one of the best wrestlers in the world, if not the best wrestler in the world, not male or female, but one of the best wrestlers in the world and so I think it’s in great hands. “

‘The First Lady of Professional Wrestling’ would continue on, revealing that although she was instrumental in the formation, organisation and success of Ring of Honor’s Women’s Division relaunch, she does not know if she will be involved when ROH returns in April following it’s Q1 hiatus.

“Do I want my property back? Yes, but that but that’s but honestly, that’s more storyline than it is reality. I see it around her waist, and it’s something that she deserves. She’s worked really hard.

I met her when she was a baby in this industry as well and I just remember the same look in her eyes that I see in Rok-C’s and like I, I can’t get that out of my head. That, yes, Rok-C lost but I also think that Rok-C and Deonna had one of the best women’s matches in the last couple of years. It was fantastic and so I’m incredibly proud of that.

I’m happy to be in IMPACT and to see what happens with this title moving forward. I don’t know if I’m going to be involved with the relaunch in April, but if I am, it’d be nice to see a rematch between Deonna and Rok-C and maybe we put some stipulations on it like it being a pure match. I mean, that’s what I would do. That’s how I would book it.

So there’s so many possibilities now, and Deonna is she’s fantastic in the ring. She’s fantastic against every single opponent that she has. I don’t think I’ve seen a bad match from her, and I don’t know if ever. So I’m excited for the possibilities. I’m happy that the Ring of Honor Championship, the Women’s Championship, is out there being defended right now. I hope she defends it all over the world.”

Maria Kanellis-Bennett was instrumental in the overwhelming success that was Ring of Honor’s Women’s Division relaunch following the COVID-19 Pandemic, Maria would play a crucial role in the development of incredible talents such as Rok-C, Miranda Alize, Trisha Adora and many more.

Ring of Honor have document the entire production of the Women’s Division Tournament via their new documentary THIS IS WOMEN’S WRESTLING!: A Ring of Honor Documentary – available to watch now completely free on YouTube.

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