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Marc Mero Discusses The Use Of Drugs In The Wrestling Business

Marc Mero Sable

Marc Mero has spoken candidly about drug use amongst wrestlers throughout his career, saying he has made some “horrible decisions” in his life relating to them.

Mero made his name in the early nineties in World Championship Wrestling as the flamboyant Johnny B. Badd. The character was a Dusty Rhodes creation when he saw similarities in the appearance of Mero and rock and roll legend, Little Richard.

From there Mero became the ‘Wild Man’ in the World Wrestling Federation in 1996, going on to win the Intercontinental Championship. His time in WWF is probably best remembered for his on-screen relationship with his wife Sable. Sable became a bonafide superstar during the Attitude Era and an increasingly jealous Mero tried to dim her star at every turn. In 1999 both Mero and Sable left the company with Mero making brief appearances in WCW and TNA before his retirement from the ring in 2006.

Speaking on the It’s Our House podcast, Marc Mero discussed drug use in wrestling, saying that while steroids make the headlines it was the pain medication that caused the most problems.

Mero explained:

“Drugs were never, like, open in the locker room or anything like that. It was more you had your certain friends that you talked to about certain things, and I really can only speak about what I was able to do and what I did. It wasn’t so much steroids, it was the pain medication that many guys got on and then got hooked on. A lot of the guys that died, it was a lethal combination of different drugs that were found in their system. I have overdosed on drugs before. And I made some horrible mistakes with steroids and drugs and then mixing things and going out and partying a lot. Then after I got out of wrestling and went through my divorce with Sable my life was out of control, you know, and I made some horrible decisions. But the one thing I’m so proud of you to know is I have not touched drugs since the mid-2000s.”

While many of Mero’s peers sadly have lost their lives, with drugs being a factor in many, Mero is one of wrestling’s success stories. Marc Mero has stepped away from the ring and now has made a successful career for himself as a motivational speaker.

Credit: It’s Our House

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription