Many Within WWE Believe CM Punk’s Appearance Backstage At Raw Was A Publicity Stunt

CM Punk holding his ears

In the hours leading up to the April 24th episode of WWE Raw, it was revealed that CM Punk had been backstage at the taping.

The move came as a shock to many many given the acrimonious way that he left the company, as well as the fact that he’s widely reported to be returning to AEW in under two months’ time.

When CM Punk left WWE in 2014 he did so leaving a trail of scorched earth behind him. In fact that trail was so scorched and his exit among such bad feelings that the star was adamant that he would never wrestle again. Only returning to the squared circle in 2021.

Despite this, it was reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, that Punk was backstage at Raw before being asked to leave.

Meanwhile, a further report from Fightful Select has now offered some more details on the surreal situation. The report notes that Punk was spotted speaking to The Miz who he has previously clashed with on social media, as well as others. There is also word that he briefly spoke with Triple H.

AEW Talent In Disbelief At CM Punk Raw Visit

Several talents were told that CM Punk was asked to leave by WWE Head of Security, Jim Kelly, but that hasn’t been confirmed. While Punk left without incident, it was noted that “numerous wrestlers” believe that his visit was nothing more than a publicity stunt for his upcoming AEW return.

The report adds that “several AEW talents” were in disbelief at the news.