Mansoor Told To Bulk Up By WWE Officials

Mansoor Sheamus

WWE officials want Saudi star Mansoor to bulk up with the lithe competitor also adding that big changes are coming soon to his presentation on television.

WWE used to be known as the ‘land of the giants’ where towering, massive hulks of superstars would do battle week after week. As wrestling has evolved and one generation replaced the last a new style more akin to junior heavyweights came to the fore in both the US and Japan.

For some though bigger is still better and writing in his column for, Mansoor discussed upcoming changes to his character as well as being asked to put on muscle mass by those inside the company.

Mansoor wrote:

“Every time you achieve a goal, you set a new one. That is something I really believe in because if you stop trying to improve, you will decline. Now I have established where I am, the most important thing is to establish who I am. We are working on my image — new music, new logos, etc. — because now I have been introduced, it is important to establish my character on the show. To do all of that on a huge stage such as RAW is a little intimidating, but very exciting.”

“I am growing, learning, and having these huge life experiences, and it is bizarre to think about how crazy this journey has been. The transition from performing on NXT to performing on RAW or SmackDown is so big. To even appear on the show once puts you in such an exclusive club so I take it as a privilege. One of the things WWE said is they would like me to put on some muscle mass, and right now I am working with Sheamus’ personal trainer, who has been really helpful. I am counting my macronutrients and calories, and recording all of my reps and sets in the gym. It is crazy how much difference writing stuff down and tracking it makes.”

The 25-year-old shot to prominence after being the first Saudi-born competitor to ever sign with WWE. He has been featured heavily on WWE’s shows in Saudi Arabia, winning a 51-man battle royal before later in the year defeating Cesaro when WWE returned to the Kingdom.

Mansoor has been featured on 205 Live where he amassed an incredible 49-0 winning streak before being called up to Raw early in May 2021. In his debut on the red brand, his streak came to an end as he was defeated by US Champion Sheamus, albeit by disqualification.