Mandy Rose Responds To Raw Star Calling Her Hot

Mandy Rose poses with the NXT Women's Title

NXT Women’s champion Mandy Rose has addressed one of the stars of WWE Raw referring to her as “hot” in a recent interview.

At NXT Worlds Collide Mandy Rose defeated both Blair Davenport and NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura to become the Unified NXT Women’s Champion.

The victory solidified Rose at the top of NXT’s women’s division, with the star now holding championship gold for 320 days and counting.

One of the women who has challenged the dominance of Mandy Rose is IYO SKY. Back in April at NXT Stand and Deliver, SKY was part of a Fatal Fourway bout for the NXT Women’s Championship alongside Rose, Cora Jade, and Alba Fyre.

In the end, Rose stood tall after pinning IYO SKY just as the Japanese star looked to be on the cusp of victory. However, there appear to be no hard feelings between the pair as, on a recent edition of WWE’s The Bump, the Damage Control member described Rose as “A hot champion”, although initially she caused a stir by simply calling the star “hot”.

“Mandy is HOT” – @shirai_io”

Mandy Rose has responded to the compliment on social media, saying she loved SKY.

“I love Iyo [laughing emoji]”

Mandy Rose recently caused something of a stir herself, recreating Shawn Michaels’ infamous Playgirl appearance with the two belts she won at World’s Collide.