Mandy Rose Offers Huge Limited Time Discount On Exclusive Content Site

Mandy Rose

On December 14th Mandy Rose was shockingly released by WWE.

Rose had been the cornerstone of NXT’s women’s division until just 24-hours before her exit, holding the NXT Women’s Title for 413 days.

It was later revealed that Rose was let go after WWE became uncomfortable with the content she was posting on her FanTime subscription service. The images, videos and live streams were said to have become more sexual in nature in recent weeks, something WWE did not support. In the wake of her departure it was noted that WWE felt they had “no choice” but to release the star, as they felt her content had gone “way, way over the line.”

The star is facing no financial distress after her WWE exit, however, as it was revealed that her exclusive content offerings earned Mandy Rose over $1 million dollars in the month of December.

Mandy Rose took to social media today to announce that for one day only, five days of VIP access to her exclusive content site would be on sale to new members for only $2. According to her site, this is 83% less than the regular introductory cost.

Mandy Rose Isn’t The Only Former WWE Star With A Successful Exclusive Content Site

After Mandy Rose’s WWE release, Fightful Select reported that they’d heard about another former WWE Superstar who made more money than their best WWE year by also getting into the exclusive content game, and in an update, revealed the star in question to be CJ Perry, who was known as Lana during her time in the sports entertainment giant.

While the report didn’t include numbers specifically, this would place the former Lana’s earnings in the same category as that of Mandy Rose, despite the two operating on different exclusive content platforms and posting different sorts of content.

Perry hasn’t wrestled since her WWE release. She was originally scheduled to face Nia Jax at the debut edition of WES, but the show was postponed and later cancelled outright. Fans have speculated whether she might join her husband Miro in All Elite Wrestling, but his own career in AEW has been full of stops and starts.

Commenting on her husband’s extended absence from AEW television, CJ Perry explained that she believes AEW President Tony Khan “has his favorites.”