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Malakai Black Opens Up About The Taste Of Poison Mist

Malakai Black mists Julia Hart

AEW’s Malakai Black spoke about his poison mist, including what the dreaded substance tastes like.

House of Black leader Malakai Black has become well known for spewing a violent poison mist at his opponents, harming the likes of Cody Rhodes and PAC in the past. Most notably, Julia Hart was blinded in one eye for months before completely transforming and joining the House of Black herself.

In a recent interview with Vince Morales of the Milwaukee Record, Malakai Black was asked if he had any New Japan wrestlers in mind as recipients of the devastating mist ahead of Forbidden Door on June 26th.

“Do I think of people [to mist]? Yes. Will I give my cards away? No. Is it something that happens organically? Yes, it does too. It’s something that I calculate, but also sometimes I do believe very strongly that…I’m not a man of faith, but I’m a man of understanding that sometimes life will throw weird things at you but eventually it will unravel and give you the answers that you’re looking for. Even though you might not understand what happens in the beginning.

“I think all kind of will be revealed in due time, and I have always held up that philosophy under my own banner. Sometimes things happen and you don’t know immediately why they happen, but in due time the course will reveal itself. And that’s no different than what happened and will happen in the coming future. As well as moving forward into the New Japan pay-per-view.

“So perhaps you’ll see something very deliberate or something that is meant as a last resort, but will eventually result in possible changes within that company or possible changes within the House Of Black. You never know. But like I said, I’m not someone who really gives away his cards too much because I’m also not completely blind on knowing who is listening and reading these interviews.”

When asked about whether or not his black mist has a unique taste, Malakai Black replied in the negative.

“No. It doesn’t.”

Malakai Black is set to face Penta Oscuro ahead of Forbidden Door, and the winner of that match will go on to participate in a fatal four way match for the newly-announced All Atlantic Championship at the pay-per-view.