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Malakai Black Praises Open Communication Within AEW

Malakai Black

Malakai Black is AEW’s newest addition and made a big impact on his surprise debut. On the July 14th episode of Dynamite, he appeared out of nowhere before taking out both Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes in the middle of the ring.

Black was a guest on the most recent edition of The Wrestling Perspective Podcast and revealed his first impressions of the promotion.

Here’s what Black had to say:

“It really is an incredible company, I don’t know how to explain this. I feel so good being in AEW. I feel really relaxed in a way that I haven’t been able to relax in quite a while.”

Black then disclosed how the open channels of communication throughout the company are perfect for the creative process.

“From what I see, it’s the open line of communications with Tony that keeps everyone sane. Tony is open for everything, wants to talk to everyone, has ideas for everyone. And gives everyone a platform to express and create, and if you struggle Tony is there to help you. And other people are there to help you too. We’ve got people like Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels. We’ve got Billy Gunn. Jerry Lynn, freakin Jerry Lynn. We’ve got Dean Malenko.

So there is this wealth of knowledge that is there, that is there to help you. It’s not like, where a lot of times with the WWE, I felt ‘we’ve got to come up with something. Come on guys, we’ve got to come up with something. It’s gotta happen right now! This is what they want, let’s go!’

While Black has wasted little time in getting on making his presence felt in the ring, he has taken full of advantage of the wealth of invaluable knowledge available from the legends backstage, especially Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

Malakai Black is set for his first match in the AEW ring on the August 4th episode of Dynamite against Cody Rhodes.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcript.