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Malakai Black Reveals Conversation With William Regal On The Day Of His WWE Release

Malakai Black

AEW star Malakai Black says he spoke to William Regal on the day that the NXT stalwart was surprisingly released from his WWE contract.

Malakai Black competed in WWE as Aleister Black before being released by the company in June 2021. Since then the Dutchman has brought his House Of Black to AEW as he initially set his sights on taking out Cody Rhodes.

The cuts in WWE have continued into 2022 with NXT bearing the brunt of backstage releases just after the turn of the year. Among those released was William Regal who had long been a huge component of the black and gold brand behind the scenes. Former NXT Champion Samoa Joe was also released – the second time WWE has let him go in the space of nine months.

Now speaking to CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri, Malakai Black has discussed the possibility of Joe or Regal turning up in AEW and discussed how William Regal helped bring him to WWE and played a key part in shaping him when they were both part of the NXT brand:

“In terms of Joe, whether that would be an in an active and competitive part or just someone who helps produce, I would welcome it. I actually spoke to Mr. Regal the day of [his release] and expressed my gratitude to him because there are a few people that I always went to, to filter my ideas and filter my process.”

“Him and Terry Taylor are the two that always popped into my head whenever I tried to plan stuff, produce stuff, or think about stuff. He was a big part of that. He was the one that originally saw me back in the UK in PROGRESS and he made it all happen. I owe a lot, if not almost anything, in terms of my mainstream success to William Regal.”

“He is a credit to the business in any shape or way. Whatever he decides to do, I hope he realizes he’s very respected, very loved, and that if he were to make that decision, if that were the direction, the business would be better for it. There are none more equipped to learn from than William Regal.”

William Regal recently broke his silence following his release, stating that he wouldn’t have a bad word said about WWE.

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