Maki Itoh And Miyu Yamashita Set For Tag Title Shot

The unlikely pairing of Maki Itoh and Miyu Yamashita, collectively known as 1to1000000, are set to challenge for the Princess Tag Team Championships at Tokyo Joshi Pro’s June 17th show at Korakuen Hall.

The former rivals turned partners made it to the finals of the recent Max Heart tournament before falling to champions-elect, NEO Biishiki-Gun (Sakisama and Mei Saint-Michel).

In the interim period, Yamashita has risen back to the top of the TJPW singles ranks, collecting her third Princess of Princess Championship after defeating Rika Tatsumi at Yes! Wonderland 2021.

Itoh and Miyu were paired again on the May 15th show, where they dispatched Yuki Aino and Moka Miyamoto, before Itoh made the challenge for tag team titles.

Miyu has a huge title defence against Yuka Sakazaki to get through first at the upcoming CyberFight Festival show, however should she be successful, she would then have the opportunity to become a double champion on June 17th.

Not to be left out, Itoh suggested that she might look to recapture the International Princess Championship, currently owned by Hikari Noa, in order to be a double champion as well.

1to1000000 and NEO Biishiki-Gun have wrestled twice, with one win a piece, adding further spice to the upcoming title match which will also serve as a rubber match between the two teams.

With thanks to DDT/TJPW English Update (D/TEU) for the translations.