Maki And Shirakawa Bow Out Of Tokyo Joshi Pro

Maki and Shirakawa bow to the audience.

Natsumi Maki and Mina Shirakawa have wrestled the final matches of their respective contracts for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.

The pair both competed at the ‘Live with your time’ event in Shinagawa, having given notice to TJPW in early September.

Shirakawa rounded her tenure on the winning side of a 6 woman tag team match, teaming with Yuki Kamifuku and Maya Kiryu to defeat Nodoka Tenma, Yuki Aino, and Haruna Neko.

Following the match, Kamifuku paid tribute to Shirakawa, noting her surprise at her departure but offering her counsel as a friend moving forward. Mina returned the compliment, paying tribute to the company before respectfully bowing out.

Later in the card, Natsumi Maki defeated Hikari Noa in just under 10 minutes, via German Suplex.

There was no post-match address from Maki, although she and Noa both bowed to the crowd before departing.

From here, Maki and Shirakawa will likely enjoy a period of freelancing, as is the etiquette in Japan, before signing with another company, should they wish to do so.

It is perhaps worth noting that when the news broke of the pair’s respective notices, Wonder Ring Stardom’s English twitter account promptly began following both wrestlers, sparking speculation over their eventual destination.