Major WWE Star Pursuing Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Debut

Brock Lesnar F5 to Bobby Lashley on WWE Raw

Bobby Lashley has admitted that he’s open to stepping outside of WWE to continue to add to his lengthy list of athletic achievements.

The son of a United States Army Drill Sergeant, Lashley attended military school where he excelled as an amateur wrestler, later winning three NAIA Titles while attending Missouri Valley College. After graduating from college Lashley followed his father into the military where he also continued his wrestling career.

After suffering a serious knee injury while being a witness to an armed robbery in 2003, Lashley’s dream of appearing in the 2004 Olympics came to an end and he signed with WWE in 2005. The star quickly found success in WWE but left the company in 2008, heading to IMPACT Wrestling. It was here that he stepped into the world of MMA.

The former WWE Champion has a record of 17 fights with 15 wins with 2 defeats across stints with Bellator and Strikeforce among others. His most recent fight took place in October 2016 when he defeated Josh Appelt via submission at Bellator 162.

Although he’s now back in WWE, Lashley hasn’t given up hope of fighting competitively once again. Speaking to BT Sport while showing off his “Average Bob” chest day workout, Lashley said that he was interested in making his bare-knuckle fighting debut.

“Yeah, I’ve talked to the Bare Knuckles guys, so I think I might do a bare knuckle fight. It’s pretty cool that the WWE partnered with Endeavour, cause that’s basically the UFC and I still have a lot left in the tank man, I’m still in good shape, I train boxing, wrestling, ju-jistu, I do all that. So, I think I have a couple for fights in me.”

WWE Star Bobby Lashley Made Pitch To Fight In UFC

During an interview in July 2022, Bobby Lashley revealed that he had asked Vince McMahon if she could compete in the UFC. However, his pitch was quickly rejected. Despite this, the star stated that he wants to fight competitively again.

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