Major Update On Interested WWE Buyer

WWE Titan Towers

While WWE remains up for sale, details around a potential deal are thin on the ground.

Since a sale became a possibility everyone from media organisations to Saudi Arabian sports investment funds has been linked with a deal. One of the most talked about potential buyers is Endeavor, who also owns UFC.

Speaking on Endeavor’s fourth-quarter earnings call on February 28th, CEO Ari Emanuel said that WWE is an “unbelievable product.” However, Emanuel added that the company won’t be doing anything that impacts its current position.

“As it relates to WWE, it’s an unbelievable product,” Emanuel said. “Vince, you know, created a great business. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with them over two decades. We’re doing on location business with them, streaming business with them, his business is really valuable. But we’re not going to do anything as it relates to changing our leverage position right now.”

WWE Deal Comes With Major Price Tag

WWE remains up for sale with a recent report stating that Vince McMahon has slapped a whopping $9 billion price tag on the sports entertainment giant. McMahon returned to the company in January after ‘retiring’ back in July. The Executive Chairman’s exit came as he was engulfed by allegations of serious sexual misconduct. It was also alleged that McMahon made hush money payments totaling well over $10 million in an effort to suppress these claims.

It was stated that at the time of his return that McMahon was only taking a place on the Board of Directors in order to facilitate the sale of the company. However, recent reports have claimed that McMahon’s presence has proved to be a “hindrance” to the process.

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