Major Update On Reason Behind Bray Wyatt’s WWE Firing

Bray Wyatt

More information has come to light surrounding the possible reason that Bray Wyatt was ultimately let go from WWE in 2021.

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31st, 2021, and within weeks he was already being linked with a return. This speculation has continued over the last 12 months, hitting an all-time high when Vince McMahon retired from his post at the top of WWE.

It had been reported following Wyatt’s release that he didn’t always get on with the now former Chairman. However, more than a year after his departure, Wyatt is yet to return to the company.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez perhaps gave an indication of what led to Bray Wyatt’s original release. Alvarez commented that there was “an issue” with the former WWE Champion “being cleared” to compete in the ring. Alvarez followed up his comment by adding that he doesn’t know if that particular issue has been resolved.

A recent report from Fightful Select has claimed that the subject of the White Rabbit teases seen recently on WWE television is being kept a closely guarded secret, although it is expected that they are related to Bray Wyatt.

Furthermore, there has been contact between WWE and the star, with numerous figures within the company believing that it’s only a “matter of time” until he returns.