Major League Wrestling Reportedly Launching Second TV Show

Major League Wrestling Fusion

According to sources at PWInsider, Major League Wrestling is preparing to launch a second TV show to accompany MLW Fusion!

Over the last year, MLW Fusion has been one of the most watchable wrestling shows on television, attracting around 50,000 viewers on average for the YouTube releases of their programming, and this momentum seems to have been rewarded with the potential for a second TV show – something most organisations the size of MLW can only dream of.

ICM Partners, the company that represents MLW (as well as big-name, mainstream artists such as Oscar-winner Olivia Colman, Emmy winner Laura Linney, legendary film director Spike Lee and the creator of Breaking Bad Vince Gilligan) is talking to a number of outlets about the possibility of producing a second show to further improve MLW’s standing and prestige.

In a move that could hint at potential expansion plans, the report states that the show would be produced in both English and Spanish which would greatly enhance MLW’s appeal to the wider wrestling world.

Major League Wrestling has made great strides in presenting itself as something very different from other organisations with similar cult-like followings, and has helped turn Jacob Fatu, ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawler, and the Von Erich Brothers into some of the most in-demand stars on the indie scene, as well as helping to revitalize the careers of Low Ki and Lio Rush.

The company has also introduced multiple factions into their storylines, a useful strategy to use if the organisation is looking to expand feuds across more than one TV show, as the opportunities for multi-layered storytelling increase dramatically.

If MLW were to produce a successful second TV show, it would almost certainly be worthy of inclusion in the same bracket as ROH and IMPACT as one of the most high-profile independent wrestling companies anywhere in the world.